Sun Up Ventures, LLC
Sun-Up Ventures, LLC was started in March of 1999 by Sherm and Bonnie Anderson to help meet the needs in our community for quality construction. They realized some essential services were lacking in the community, such as attractive, newer family homes, an assisted living residence and a way to fulfill the desire by some to live outside the city limits of Deer Lodge. For quotes or further information call 406-846-9480.
The company has many years experience in:
Commercial Construction
Deer Lodge Fire Hall Deer Lodge Fire Hall
Beyond Home Assisted Living Beyond Home Assisted Living
Residential Construction
Unfinished Garage Finished Garage
Houses Trap Club
Trap Club Interior Trap Club Range
Real-estate Development
Cottonwood Creek Ranch Estates Board Cottonwood Creek Ranch Estates
Developed Estate Developed Estate
Developed Estate
Warren Acres Warren Acres